OneOffixx Template Solution:
Liberates IT from Time-Consuming Workflows

Do the support and maintenance of existing Microsoft Office templates use up your capacities? Are you constantly overwhelmed with staff members’ helpdesk requests and requirements for template updates? You will be bothered no longer. The OneOffixx template solution will sort out these issues (and others!) simply and effortlessly.

OneOffixx Template Software

Authorized staff members may update templates independently

If desired, authorized employees may change, maintain and update templates, snippets or location addresses independently in the centralized OneOffixx database. Tedious changes of your company’s CI/CD in template letters, email signatures, statistical data or PowerPoint slides by the IT department are now a thing of the past.
No IT programming is needed for Office updates. An up-to-date OneOffixx version takes care of it automatically.

Less IT support is needed

Creating CI/CD conform documents is much easier with OneOffixx. Users are a lot more independent and need less IT support. All employees have immediate access to the documents and templates approved for them both online and offline. OneOffixx is a renowned standard software with an excellent level of user acceptance. Complex Office applications are made simple with the OneOffixx template solution. Users work directly in the application and are therefore not affected by any Office updates. No staff trainings are necessary when migrating to a new Office version.
Due to dynamic elements, the amount of Word templates is drastically reduced thanks to the OneOffixx template solution. Staff members can create personalized, CI/CD-conform templates literally within seconds.

OneOffixx Template Software

A comprehensive authorization rights system

Thanks to the extensive authorization rights system, users have access to all templates approved for them. The latest templates of the OneOffixx template solution are available for staff members in both online and offline mode. Client data caching speeds up the server access. Therefore, changes and updates of templates are immediately acknowledged by the system.
Personalized templates are automatically accessible online and offline via the authorization rights system of the Active Directory.

No more security gaps due to macros

The OneOffixx template solution increases your company’s security level, as it does not enable any macros. All documents are free of VB scripts. As such, documents can be passed on smoothly and easily. In addition, all documents are free from references to servers and paths.

Minimum installation efforts

The OneOffixx template solution is easily implemented. Right from the start, your company’s project members form a close cooperation with the OneOffixx team. In just two weeks, a first progress is tangible. Within six weeks, OneOffixx has re-built all of your layouts, which will be available as a Word version in less than two months. At this time, the complete system has been configurated and is ready for testing. Within just three months all basics of the OneOffixx template solution are completely implemented. Have a look a our overview to find out which interfaces are supported by OneOffixx.

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